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Key Features:

In nine volumes and nearly 10,000 pages, it is the first Gujarati Gyankosh published after an extensive exercise of 27 years.

2.81 lac words and with their meanings total number of words are 8.22 lac.

It provides extensive, exhaustive and rare information on every subject, word and name.

Nine volumes include 28,156 idioms and more than 10,000 proverbs.

It is a golden-treasure for our mother tongue Gujarati.

It is not a simple dictionary, but a rare as well as authentic encyclopedia in true sense of the term.

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અ આ ઇ ઈ ઉ ઊ ઋ એ ઐ ઓ ઔ ઍ ઑ
્ ા િ ી ુ ૂ ૃ ે ૈ ો ૌ ં ૅ
ૉ ક ખ ગ ઘ ઙ ચ છ જ ઝ ઞ ટ ઠ
ડ ઢ ણ ત થ દ ધ ન પ ફ બ ભ મ
ય ર લ વ શ ષ સ હ ળ ક્ષ જ્ઞ ત્ર શ્ર
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What is Bhagavadgomanal?

Over the years, some rare cultural events have occurred in Gujarati language and literature. The publication of ‘Bhagavadgomandal’ is in the forefront in these events. With 2.81 lac words and their meanings, this dictionary contains almost 8.22 lac words, spread over nine big volumes and nearly ten thousand pages. The process to prepare such magnum opus was undertaken in Gondal, a small princely state of erstwhile Kathiawar. (Now it is a taluka place in Rajkot district.)

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